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Important notice and disclaimer does not give healthcare advice or information. If you need health care advice you should consult a suitably qualified professional Whilst we undertake checks of all Specialists whose details are displayed on our website we offer no warranty that any health care provider will meet your requirements. makes no claims that Specialists whose details are displayed on this site are in any way superior in competence or cheaper in price than those whose details are not shown.

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NHS Funding gives information for patients who may either be insured or paying for themselves. For information about NHS funded care you should speak to your GP. Some clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) set strict criteria for access to specific referrals or procedures. However patients can apply for individual funding. Your GP will be able to advise you further on what is covered by the exceptional funding guidelines and will need to fill out application forms which are considered by a panel.

Such applications are not always succesful however.

Cost of appointment

The specialist details will carry a cost for an initial appointment. This figure has been supplied by the specialist themselves and this is what they should charge you. The specialist themselves is responsible for updating this information should it change. Sometimes the cost of the appointment will include a procedure if this is simple and straightforward but on other occasions if a procedure is necessary then this may be a separate cost.

Cost of Procedures

The illustrative cost given on the procedure information sheet is to give a rough idea only of the sort of cost you might expect. It is not an average nor do we give a range of costings. The actual cost you may pay for any procedure will be discussed with you by the specialist on a case by case basis as there may be a number of individual and personal factors which influence this cost.

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