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  1. You agree that feedback (from the patient) may be collected by representatives on the process of making an appointment with you or the person/organisation you represent and the appointment outcome
  2. You confirm that you or the person/organsiation you represent has appropriate and sufficient indemnity cover for the services or procedures being offered
  3. You confirm that your or the person/organisation you represent participates in annual appraisals and revalidation
  4. You confirm that you or the person/organisation you represent have a complaints procedure which patients can access on the occasions this might be needed
  5. You confirm that you or the person/organisation you represent have appropriate specialty or sub-specialty training for the services which are being offered
  6. You confirm that you or the person/organisation you represent possess the relevant CQC registration
  7. You will inform if there are any changes to the GMC registration status of you or the person/organisation you represent

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  • FREE to join and leads are FREE for a limited time
  • Receive GP qualified referrals
  • Increase your opportunities
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  • FREE to use
  • Access to the right information and specialist for their procedure
  • Practioners meet our strict standards
  • Unbiased reviews from other patients
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